Are Movies Dead?

After reading the article The Day the Movies Died by Mark Harris, I would have to disgree movies are so called “Dead”.

Though he made valied points on how movies are based on stuff we know like comic books such as Superman and Spiderman, and they are always making sequals to something. I would just have to disagree the movies are low quality and made predominately for men under the age of 25.

What about movies like P.S. I love you, or Letters to Juliet, Sex in the City? Were those movies not made for women? because I am pretty sure they were. And I dont think men under 25 will be lining up to see movies like that. I also think those movies had quality to them exspecially Sex in the City. Which I went to see and I could even see it the first night because tickets were sold out!

Also not all movies are made with sequals. What about the movies Monsters Inc, and Finding Nemo which were really good shows to watch that the whole family could enjoy, and they do not have sequals to them.

Plus I go to the movies quite a bit, and not just here in Colorado but other states as well. I see lots of people, young and old at  the movies. It all can depend on the day young people tend to go to the movies during the weekends. This includes men, women, and teenagers.

Maybe we go to the theaters less then we use to but that could be because there is just other activities to do. Like bowling or even game places. But in the end I feel like movies are still popular and people do go and see them.



        It was my junior year at West High School, I remember running down the field during a football game. I saw a player from the other team fumble the ball. I went for the recovery as I picked up the ball I was almost in a sitting position, when a player from the other team fell on top of me almost breaking my neck. If my head had been turned any other way it would have been broken for sure. This is one of Dewaynes memorable moments of playing football.

        Now days Dewanye is a safety on a semi pro football team called the Aurora Cobras. His team usually plays in state but every once in awhile they get to travel to play teams out of state such as places like New Mexico. The Cobras are currently 4-6 for you non-sports fans, that means they have had ten games but they won four.

       I asked, “Do you think football is a dangerous sport?” he replied “All sports are, football is a full contact sport”. But Dewayne loves football so it doesnt bother him. 

I was curious as to why Dewanye plays football, he simply replied, “Because it is fun to hit people” with tons of excitment in his voice and a big smile.

   Dewayne eventually wants to make the pros and play for his all time favorite team the Jaguars. Quote “That would be my dream”.

  If any of you are ever curious to check out Dewaynes skills on the field, check out the website and click on Cobras to find out dates and locations of were the team will be playing and go attend a game.

My favorite television show

My favorite television show is Pretty Little Liars. It is a mystery show.

-The story is trying to give you clues as to who killed the young teenage girl named Ali.

-I have never noticed any ads in any of the epiodes I have watched. However they are always applying make up but they never show a close up on the brands of make up these us. So maybe the show is trying to tell girls to go out and get some make up.

-The messages the show reinforces: Being gay or lesbian is okay, That dating older men is in, including your highschool teacher, and that friends should really stick together no matter what.

-The show works but giving you pieces of the puzzle who might have murderd Ali. The whole so you are constantly guessing. Everytime you think you know who the killer might be, or that you will find out who it is. The shows gives you evidence pointing in a different direction. The show also shows battles with friend ship, love, family issues, and even some sexual content.

-The thesis of the episode is that they really have no idea what kind of person there friend Ali was, that she was truly evil, and that are still a step behind her killer.

-The commericals shown are: above the influence, Tampons, Old Navy Jeans, and they even showed how to do your hair like the Pretty little Liars girls.

-I believe these commericals appeal to teenagers and women in there early twenties-because most the commericals have to deal with women.


Emily- is a smart, athletic swimmer, you just realized she likes girls and is always trying to impress her family.

Hanna-is a girl who is struggling to keep her rich image-always done up-and some rich stuck up friends-which is not Hanna at all-and is curious about sex

Spencer- is very competative, an over achiever, goodie to shoes, who seems to always attract her older sisters boyfriends, and is always ready to defend her friends.

Aria- is a girl who is struggling with her parnets seperation, confident, easy going person, loves to write, and is alway battling with her relationship with her high school english teacher, and trying to keep it a secret the best she can.

I believe this show appeals to girls anywhere from their late teens to early twenties. The reason being is because it is about a group of young teenage girls who are in to make up and clothes, trying to figure out themselves joggling school-girls-boys-and family issues all while trying to find their friends killer. I think all those things would interest girls oppose to guys because of the puppy love and relationships always the hair make up and girl talk.

I dont watch alot of tv so the only show I dont really care for is MTV’s I am Liz. It is suppose to be a reailty show but it just seems so scripted to me. Like there was on episode where her group of guy friends were running around fight in stars wars stuff and had there face painted it seemed so unrealistic they way they where acting. Another episode Liz when to go visit her uncle to shoot a documentary on killing animal. Her uncle came of real country and stupid you can tell it was just not real it was scripted. Even the begining of each show she sits in this chair mummbling words and it shows like her highschool life going on behind her then she says whatever MTV made me do this. It is just so fake it actually annoys me.

Small Independent Labels

I research the independent label Sub Pop.


-The label specializes in pop music-as well as soft and hard rock

-The label identifies its music through their office in Seattle Washington. And through its website

-The label describes itself as world domination, or for better terms uncovering artist and bringing them to the world.

-The label distributes it recordings through the web sight as well as the press, media, and even logos. They also give out some free downloads of their bands music.


-I feel like the label is trying to target people who are in the teens to their late twenty’s who enjoys indie rock.

-They promote artist on their website showing music videos, information on the band, and even tour dates. They also use the press. By using the press they have gotten bands to go internationally. So even people in the UK are listening to these bands. They have also used the media such as radio and some of these bands have appear on Saturday Night Live, and even at the Grammys. These bands even do gigs at clubs and bars. They also have logos one band even got there logo and a shoe in JC Pennys in Seattle, Washington.

-I feel like the label tries to be mostly independent even though they have use Warner Bros, and even a record company in the UK. But they use them to promote their bands and for finanical reseasons.

-As of this moment the Sub Pop label company is not struggling.


-From my research the major problems this independent label has faced was finanical problems. This problem has caused them to lay off people and even caused them a bad name in the past.

-Another problem they face is competing with major labels to find and keep artist.

-I personally do not see Independent labels over coming these problems. I feel like it is always going to cost a ton of money to promote artist causing finanical problems. And their will always be bigger and better major labels companies trying to get new artist and snatching them from the little independent record companies. Alot of people are going to go for the major record companies because they offer more money and more publicity.


– I feel like smaller independent companies should be of high vaule.

-The smaller companies usually are the first to find and promote new artist’s music. They are usually the first to get these people heard

-It is also how some of the major labels come across these new artist. They stumble upon them by going on to the smaller record companies websites and hearing their music.

-So I feel like without the smaller labels less new artist will be found and heard.


-Upon researching Sub Pop records I ended up liking a band called No Age. I called 102.5 Best varitey of lite rock #1800-964-1025 However I was on hold for a long period of time, I dont know about you guys but I have minutes so I hung up after awhile. So they have not played my song yet. However I have called the office #970-674-2700 and left a message stating that I would really like if this song could be played and if they could please call me back. I also visited their website seeing if I could write them an email.

-I think the state of music today is hard. It seems to me like it can be very difficult to get bands out these days. Alot of radio stations wont play artist until the Artist is well known and with a major record company.

I think the web can be used in different ways in other countries. I feel like in america we are not as worried as to what going on in politics or whats happening in our country. I feel like in countries like Iraq or Iran are more concerned about whats happening in their country. First of all there is wars and all kinds of different problems going on in these countries. I do think the internet can unite countries. You can learn about different cultures, customs, politics, etc happening in different countries and relate to them. For insistance I could start talking to a person my age in a different country and find out that we have similarties in music, family life, etc. This can cause me to make a connection with this person and even have a friendship. I do not think it would be possible to shut off the internet in America. To many people count on the internet. People use the internet to promote their business such as google, yahoo, ebay, etc. Cutting off the internet would be a disaster. It would cause people to lose their jobs and people would start going insane. There would just be way to many problems in america because people depend on the internet. I think it has cause the people in Eygpt alot of problems. I am sure some people were out of a job. Some people probably connected with family and friends that lived far away. Now they are just cut off. Some probably used the internet for business and school, all kinds of different things. The internet is a very handy tool and now its just cut off from them I can see why it caused such a huge problem.

Hello world!

I myself have never followed blogs about politics so this was all new to me. After reading this article  I think blogging could really help the campain. First of all it can reach out to alot of people. Second it can also reach out to the young. Seems to me not alot of young people care about canpains or stuff of that sort, so since they are hiring people fresh out of college their writings might appeal to the young as well. Allowing them to read and get interseted in politics.